Discovering Darjeeling

Discovering Darjeeling

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Stunning districts, hypnotizing sunrises, the immaculate magnificence of the hills, the old-world appeal of the past, and the inviting grins of the nearby individuals all add up to make Darjeeling quite possibly the most delightful hill stations in Eastern part of India. Spread over a precarious mountain edge, settled in the midst of sections of land of rich green tea manors, Darjeeling stand at the height of 2,050 meters above ocean level.

Darjeeling is a famous tourism location in North-East India and the city is known as the 'Queens of the Himalayas'. The lavish green slopes spotted with women plucking tea leaves is a sight as entrancing as other. There are over 86 tea estates in Darjeeling that are responsible for producing the worldwide famous 'Darjeeling Tea'. Have a cup of locally brewed chai at the tea estate, or get down amidst the plantations to pluck a few tea leaves yourself, you are free to take your pick!

#  Climate of Darjeeling-

The best time to visit Darjeeling is between April to June when the weather is pleasant. However, a lot of people also prefer visiting the place during the winter months from October to December.

#  Food of Darjeeling-

There are loads of eating options for foodies too in Darjeeling from customary Tibetan and Sikkimese cuisine to Thai delicacies to good old North Indian dishes, Darjeeling has a lot of choices to oblige the taste buds of food lovers, ruining them with heavenly food and lip-smacking luxuries in the midst of the atmosphere of ravishing views. Basically the food here has distinct traces of Bengali, Nepali and Tibetan components, styles and dishes, all together.

Inspite of such wide variety of dishes, one of the primary things on the food here incorporates the best and most fresh qualities of tea found in the area which you should try. The popular items that you must indulge in include Momos, Thukpa, Aloo Dum, Sael Roti, Naga Platter, Nepali thali, Tongba, Channg and many more. Not to mention, tea is a popular beverage consumed by all