8 Temples In Ladakh To Visit For A Spiritual Sojourn

8 Temples In Ladakh To Visit For A Spiritual Sojourn

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Spirituality is an inborn part of Ladakh, for by what other method do you figure this far off destination with the eccentric climate condition, would have survived in the current day? In reality, an incomparable force is looking over it, and you can truly feel it the second you enter this delightful place epitomized by the grandiose mountains and dabbed with holy Buddhist monasteries. Infact, Ladakh brags a plenty entrancing religious temples or Gompas that makes this place a must-visit travel destination. Ladakh religious temples and monasteries date back to the eleventh century, henceforth one has quite recently such a huge amount to observe, learn, and take back home as an experience. So, here are the Top 8 monasteries you should visit when you travel Ladakh.

1. Hemis Monastry-

Settled in the mountains stowed away from the main street, Hemis monastery is the spiritual center of the Drukpa ancestry or the 'Red Hat group'. Hemis gompa is popular for being the biggest and most extravagant monastery in Ladakh. It was established during the 1630s by Stag Tsang Raspa under the imperial support of King Singge Namgyal. A huge number of vacationers from all over the assemble at the monastery to observe and celebrate Hemis (Tsechu implies the 10th day on which the yearly monastery celebration is completed) which is devoted to Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche. Additionally, the Naro Gyantuk (six bone adornments of Naropa) is put out there for anyone to see which attracts many Buddhists from all parts of the world to visit Hemis and seek it's blessings. The three-centuries old silk thangka painting of Guru Rinpoche is unfurled only after every 12 years. Hemis monastery additionally has an exhibition hall with extremely old sculptures and thangkas of Buddhist divine gods and goddesses.



 2. Alchi Chos Khor Temple-

Considered as one of the most well known Buddhist temples in Ladakh and oldest learning center for monks as well, Alchi Monastery is a complex of monasteries. Situated 70 km from Leh in the Alchi village, this temple has various ancient monuments which are dated to different time period. This monastery was founded by Guru Rinchen Zangpo during 958-1055 and is supervised by the management of Likir Monastery. This monastery complex has two main temples- Zumsteg and Manjushri with a grand assembly hall. Manjushri temple will require you to first enter the Dukhang or the assembly hall. The temple got its name after being built around the idols of Manjushri looking at all four directions and seated back to back. In the Zumsteg temple, presence of Kashmiri essence can be felt because most of the artwork was done by Kashmiri artists.