The Idea of Daycation in India

The Idea of Daycation in India

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The word daycation refers to a 'day out', a vacation day where you drive off to some place to unwind and have a ball in the manner you like, however you just travel a distance which easily permits you to get back to your own bed. Obviously, the idea is the same old thing, dating as far back as the beginning of railroad travel, and well known among our Victorian archetypes. It appears to be anyway that in the 21st century, following quite a while of delighting in the chances managed by contracting venture times and less expensive travel, we've ended up at ground zero and plugged back in to the advantages of having a good time nearer to home. The word daycation is therefore just a contemporary reference to the 'road trip', and day trippers are correspondingly named daycationers. Due to the outcome of the economic crisis in 2008, the pattern has been to shelve the conventional trips in abroad and discover less expensive methods of taking a break.

The word daycation has been around for the last few years or something like that, springing up with regards to perceptions on the recent decrease in taking regular week or fourteen days long vacation. Sometimes your daily life fatigue implies that an activity packed weekend isn't your concept of the ideal get-away. All you need to do is unwind, eat extraordinary food, and appreciate the beautiful views. Escape the monotony of everyday and enjoy a well-deserved day out, that’s just a drive away. Enjoy an indulgent day of delectable meals, unforgettable experiences and so much more in the daycation packages which can offer you everything you need and more.

Its an obvious fact that vacations are marvelous. However, between work, family, and get-togethers, it tends to be hard to figure out how to slip away— for a weekend trip. Which is the reason we're so fixated on the most recent travel trend, daycations. The concept of daycation implies that various hotels around the world offer daycation packages to give locals access to hotel spas, restaurants, pools, workout rooms, and hotel properties for the day without the expense of booking a hotel room. A daycation can help people rejuvenate and recharge before the holiday madness begins. Get ready to cozy up in your spa robe and slippers and learn how a daycation can help you de-stress as the holidays hit.

Properties across the nation are getting on board with the fad to make you have a memorable time of bliss. You may even discover a daycation in the neck of the woods. So, regardless of where you are living, there is a relaxing weekend escape, in or around your city, that everybody can enjoy. So instead of arranging a long outing, ditch your old room, and head to one of these places to relax make the best of daycation deals.

1. Golden Tulip Suites, Gurgaon-

At Golden Tulip Suites Gurgaon, guests can indulge in buffets at the Branche restaurant serving international fare or dine at Grills, popular for its dinner barbecues and grills. Other facilities at the hotel include an outdoor swimming pool and health club.

Cost- Starting at INR 1,784 and more(For One Night)

2. Four Points by Sheraton, New Delhi-

Minutes away from the IGI airport, Four Points by Sheraton is the ideal option for transiting guests to indulge in luxury. In-house dining options at the hotel include the Fresco Bar & Lounge with its range of innovative cocktails paired with delicious bar food and Thyme with its selection of international cuisine in its all-day buffet

Cost- Starting at INR 4,140 and above (For One Night)