All about 9 to 5 Hotels: The Best Places for Remote Workers

All about 9 to 5 Hotels: The Best Places for Remote Workers

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If you’re headed to a 9 to 5 hotel for the weekend, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get any work done while you’re there. The good news is yes, it totally is! In fact, I think that getting some work done while you travel can be beneficial to your productivity and happiness at work once you return home. So let's discuss everything about 9 to 5 hotels!

A hotel room is an ideal place to work because it has all the important amenities that are needed for productivity and comfort. You can find all the amenities in one place and use them at your convenience. There are many hotels in different parts of the world that have started providing this facility to their guests.

What do you need to know about 9-5 Hotels?

You can get work done in your hotel room during the day by booking a hotel by the day or hour. 

Book a hotel room by the day- 

You can now book a hotel room by the day to do some work in a 9 to 5 hotel. Many of these hotels have amenities you can use, such as a fitness centre or swimming pool. Previously, you would have to contact each hotel individually to make arrangements for daytime availability. Today, a number of hotels are providing this service hassle-free. 

Book a hotel room by the hour- 

If you need to work late and don't have time to book an entire hotel room, consider renting a room by the hour. Room-by-the-hour rates are much lower than full-day rates and can be ideal for bikers and other travellers. Aside from reducing the amount of money you have to pay for a room, you can also get work done in the hotel lobby while you're away. The idea is nothing new, but it's becoming more common as hotel rooms become more flexible. Many hotels now offer by-the-hour rates, and the concept is proving to be a hit with both travellers and hoteliers.